Best Basketball Shoes 2023: Nike, Addidas, Li-Ning,…

Best Basketball Shoes 2023 Nike, Addidas, Li-Ning,...

Hey there, ballers and sneakerheads! You ready to level up your game and style?

Then buckle up because Top10GoHere are about to sprint down the court to unveil the best basketball shoes of 2023!

Top 10 best shoes for basketball

We’ve dunked into the depths of the sneaker world, tested out what the biggest brands are lacing us up with, and we’re here to spill the tea.

Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, or Li-Ning – who’s taken the trophy home this year?

Which kicks are going to give you the support, cushioning, and traction you need to break ankles on the court? And which ones are just gonna make you look straight-up fire off the court?

Nike Kyrie 8

Nike Kyrie 8

At number 10, we have the best cheap basketball shoes, the Nike Kyrie 8.

These babies are pocket-friendly yet don’t compromise on the performance. Nike has combined cushioning and low-profile performance in the Kyrie 8, making it an absolute bargain.

With a large volume forefoot Zoom strobel unit, a standard unit in the heel, excellent lockdown, and premium materials on the upper, these kicks are like a less bulky version of the Jordan 13.

All this, for less than 80 bucks!

Nike KD 14

Nike KD 14

Moving on to number 9, the best value basketball shoes – the Nike KD 14.

Great traction, solid cushioning, decent materials, and a solid fit, the KD 14 has it all! It’s perfect for any player type, with a full-length Zoom Air strobel and Cushlon midsole that feels heavenly on the feet.

Just remember, the fit can be tricky, so going up half a size or trying them on in-store could be helpful.

Under Armour Curry 10

Under Armour Curry 10

At number 8, we’ve got the best basketball shoes for wide feet: the Under Armour Curry 10.

An upgrade of the already fantastic Curry 9, the Curry 10 is a gem for wide-footers.

It features Under Armour’s Flow cushioning/traction system, giving you an almost running-shoe-like feel, reinforced to handle hoops action.

Plus, the improved and updated upper with Warp 2.0 is just the icing on the cake.

Nike LeBron 20

Nike LeBron 20

Coming in at number 7, the best traction basketball shoes: the Nike LeBron 20.

Remember the LeBron 19? Yeah, it was a flop. But hey, we’re happy to report that Nike has made a massive comeback with the LeBron 20!

The traction is superior, covering you on all movements both on defense and offense.

As one of our testers, Bryan, put it, the LeBron 20 might even be on par with or better than the Nike Kobe 9!

Air Jordan 36

Air Jordan 36

Taking the 6th spot, we have the best basketball shoes for flat feet: the Air Jordan 36.

These kicks are a godsend for the 30% of the population that’s flat-footed.

The implementation of the torsional plate in the Jordan 36 is a huge leap from the Jordan 35, providing effective arch support and full-length Zoom Air, which is always a plus!

Nike KD 15

Nike KD 15

At number 5, the best low top basketball shoes, we present the Nike KD 15.

These low-tops are sleek, agile, and a hit since Kobe Bryant popularized them in 2008.

The Nike KD 15 maintains the superb performance of the KD line, adding back the low collar cut that fans enjoy.

The Cushlon foam midsole combined with the full-length Zoom Air Strobel is as comfortable, bouncy, and springy as ever.

Nike Air Zoom GT Jump

Nike Air Zoom GT Jump

At number 4, for the fans of high tops, we bring the best high top basketball shoes: the Nike Air Zoom GT Jump.

Solid and robust with fantastic cushioning and herringbone traction, these high tops are surprisingly lightweight.

It’s a sturdy high-top package, especially perfect for bigger players needing extra impact protection.

Li-Ning Way of Wade 10

Li-Ning Way of Wade 10

In the 3rd spot, the best basketball shoes for jumping: the Li-Ning Way of Wade 10.

While no basketball shoe can make you jump higher, these can help you jump faster and cushion your landing.

These tech-loaded sneakers feature a full-length carbon fiber torsional plate that doubles as a spring plate, and BOOM cushion for a heck of a shoe experience!

Adidas Harden Volume 7

Adidas Harden Volume 7

At number 2, we have the most fashionable basketball shoes: the Adidas Harden Volume 7.

They are not only stylish but also offer elite traction, firm yet bouncy cushioning, exceptional support, and insane grip.

The shoe’s responsiveness and court feel are excellent, with the only downside being the lack of breathability and impact protection.

Nike LeBron NXXT Gen

Nike LeBron NXXT Gen 

The best basketball shoes for Ankle Support in 2023 – the Nike LeBron NXXT Gen Basketball Shoes. Man, these kicks are all about having your back, or should I say, your ankles!

We’re talking about a shoe that screams ‘support’ with its dependable lockdown. Plus, the traction is as consistent as your three-point shooting should be.

They’ve also got a cushion that’s more responsive than your opponent’s defense. Imagine, all of that LeBron greatness without the LeBron price tag!

Now that’s a deal sweeter than a game-winning buzzer-beater!

Now, it’s not just about the bucks; these shoes really hold their ground. They’re stable, incredibly supportive, and the lateral containment?

Well, it’s so good it’s like the best defender on your feet. Ideal for big guys and centers – they’ll be like a fortress around your feet.

Okay, okay, no shoe is perfect. These kicks can feel a bit bulky, and the upper material might not be winning any beauty pageants, but hey, they do the job, and they do it brilliantly!

In a nutshell, the Nike LeBron NXXT Gen is a balanced basketball shoe that hits a triple-double with its performance, support, and value.

This shoe isn’t just good; it’s the MVP when it comes to ankle support!


Now, that’s a wrap for our list of top 10 basketball shoes of 2023! Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments and hit that ‘Share’ button if you enjoyed the post. Until then, keep ballin’, sneakerheads!

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