Best Budget Electric Scooters of 2023: Niu, Gotrax, Razor,…

On the hunt for your ride-or-die, but got some budget blues? Don’t fret! Top10Gohere‘ve zoomed around, kick-pushing through the world of scooters, and we’ve got the deets for you!

Our newest post rounds up the ‘Best Budget Electric Scooters‘ of 2023 – ideal for your pockets and your speed-loving heart.

So buckle up, it’s time to roll out and conquer the pavement without breaking the bank!

Top 10 best budget electric scooter

Segway Ninebot ES1L

Segway Ninebot ES1L

At number 10, we’ve got the Segway Ninebot ES1L. This affordable beast is far from ordinary! Segway quality at a steal price – what’s not to love?

It’s built to impress, with its sturdy construction that guarantees longevity and consistent performance.

This robustness complements its high maximum load capacity of 220 pounds, making it a fit for a range of riders.

While it comes with a modest range of 12.4 miles, it’s perfect for short distance commutes, and it guarantees a steady, reliable ride with its 250W motor.

You’ll be able to reach top speeds of 12.4 mph – enough for most urban commuting needs.

The scooter is lightweight at 24.9lbs, which means it’s easy to carry around when needed, perfect for commuters who use multiple modes of transportation.

Its 8-inch tires may struggle on rugged terrain, but they provide sufficient shock absorption for city streets.

On the downside, you might have to dodge massive potholes and charge the scooter nightly if used for daily commuting.

Razor Icon

Razor Icon

Swinging into number 9 is the Razor Icon.

You know the old school Razor scooters we all loved? Well, it’s back, but this time it’s jazzed up for our gadget-crazy world.

This aluminum stunner isn’t just a looker, but it’s got a smooth ride too. It’s a sweet deal if you’re after something a bit more flash than a cheap scooter but don’t fancy forking out over 700 bucks.

The rad thing about the Razor Icon? It’s got lights! So, you’re always seen when it’s dark out.

We took it out for a spin and, boy, it took hills like a champ! Zooming up to 18 mph was a breeze. And guess what? It’s super light at 25.6 pounds.

Plus, it has this nifty locking feature, making it perfect if you’re a commuter and need a speedy way to get that last stretch home. So all in all, the Razor Icon is a pretty snazzy choice!

GoTrax Flex

GoTrax Flex

Charging into number 8 is the GoTrax Flex.

It’s like an electric bike, but without the pedaling fuss, way faster than a bicycle, and it’s super fun to ride!

This thing’s a whiz – easy to handle, not too heavy at 47.6 lbs, and foldable to stash away at your place or office.

With its big 14-inch tires, cozy well-cushioned seat, a springy rear suspension and a slick twist throttle, it’s a dream for commuters.

And the bonus? A sturdy basket that holds up to 50 lbs – perfect for grocery runs!

The Flex might take a bit of a hit on acceleration and hill climbs, like all big-wheelers, but it more than makes up with its top speed, hitting an average of 16.1 mph.

Pretty rad compared to its pricier rival, the Fiido Q1s.

And even if you’re a bit on the heavier side, the Flex still cruises comfortably at 15.1 mph – it can handle up to 264 lbs.

Sure, the Fiido might beat it on hill climbs with its rear hub gear drive, but the Flex steals the show in pretty much everything else!

Gotrax XR Ultra

Gotrax XR Ultra

Next up at number 7 is the Gotrax XR Ultra, our top pick under $500.

The Gotrax XR Ultra is the embodiment of quality and affordability. It may be among the pricier options in this category, but its features make the price worthwhile.

The scooter impresses with a 300W motor and a 16-mile range. It can carry a maximum load of 220 pounds and can reach top speeds of 15.5 mph.

Though it may struggle uphill, the scooter’s 8.5-inch pneumatic tires offer great traction.

The assembly process might require extra effort, but once put together, this scooter impresses with its performance and convenience.

A downside, however, is the relatively less efficient shock absorption provided by the tires.

Hover-1 Alpha

Hover-1 Alpha

Coming in at number 6, we have the Hover-1 Alpha.

The Hover-1 Alpha scooter is an upgrade from its sibling, the Eagle, offering five more miles on a single charge.

Its 10-inch pneumatic tires ensure a smoother ride, and the electric disc brakes guarantee safety.

The scooter is not designed for portability, weighing in at 15.6 kg, making it the heaviest scooter in this list.

A unique feature of this scooter is its built-in Bluetooth speaker, an appealing addition for older teenagers. The under-deck lighting and LED headlight add to its allure. The cost may be a bit high, but its unique features justify the price tag.

Hiboy S2

Hiboy S2

Powering into the top 5, the Hiboy S2 stands out with dual brakes and side lights that not only enhance safety but also add a cool effect.

The 350-Watt motor performs well in most situations, though it might struggle on hills. The battery life is also impressive, although you’d have to charge it regularly if you ride a lot.

The scooter has a sleek design, with very few dangling wires. It offers great value, especially if found for $399 or less, delivering more than most other scooters at that price.

Unagi Model One

Unagi Model One

The fourth spot is clinched by the Unagi Model One.

The Unagi Model One, with its dual 250-watt motors, stands out in the power department. It maneuvers up hills effortlessly, running twice as fast as other single-motor scooters.

However, using both motors can significantly reduce the battery life, and it doesn’t quite reach the advertised 15-mile range.

This scooter impresses with a bright display, intuitive controls, and a loud horn. The unique, sleek design features a carbon-fiber front post with a triangular shape, adding an interesting aesthetic appeal.

The Model One comes at a cost, priced at $990, but Unagi offers a rental program that allows you to rent their scooter for a monthly fee.

There’s also an upgraded version, the Unagi Model One Voyager, which offers twice the range and additional features for an extra $200.

Apollo City

Apollo City

Coming in at number 3 is the Apollo City.

The Apollo City electric scooter stands out with its built-in turn signals, a feature lacking in most other scooters.

The 500-Watt motor enables smooth rides uphill, and the full suspension and puncture-resistant tires add to its overall performance.

The scooter is heavy at 57 pounds, making it a less than ideal choice for those who may need to carry it frequently.

The Apollo City is a fast, fun electric scooter with an important safety feature.

If you crave more speed and range, Apollo also offers the Apollo Ghost model, but our preference remains with the City model for its manageable ride.

Razor E100

Razor E100

The runner-up, the Razor E100, is the perfect scooter for your little ones.

The Razor E100 stands out as the best electric scooter for kids, offering safety and fun in one package.

Available in various colors, the scooter features twist-grip acceleration controls and a hand-operated front brake.

The scooter is capable of speeds up to 10 mph and offers enough torque for uphill climbs and steep bumps.

The scooter is also equipped with a 40-minute drive time, enough to get to school and back.

While it has a lot going for it, it uses a chain-drive motor, which can be noisier than hub motors and could require maintenance over time.

It also lacks a bell or reflectors, so you may need to make additional purchases for enhanced safety.

Niu KQi3 Pro

Niu KQi3 Pro

Finally, at number 1, we have the star of the show, the Niu KQi3 Pro.

The KQi3 Pro by Niu is our top choice overall. Initially, it may not make a great first impression with its “training mode,” limiting it to just 3 mph.

But once it gets out of that initial setting, it can reach top speeds of 20 mph.

The scooter comes equipped with many premium features such as cruise control, a companion app, and puncture-resistant tires.

Its 9.5-inch tubeless tires provide excellent traction and perform well on both smooth and rough surfaces.

The handlebars aren’t foldable, and the 45-pound weight makes it hard to carry up flights of stairs.

But its impressive 43-mile range and features like regenerative braking make it an excellent choice for the price.


And that’s a wrap, folks! From speed demons to versatile all-rounders, we hope our list helps you find the perfect electric scooter to fit your budget.

Be sure to check out the links in the description below for more information on each of these awesome rides. Thanks for tuning in, and Top 10 Go Here’ll catch you in the next one!

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