Top 10 Best Garmin Watches 2023: Forerunner 265, Fenix 7, Lily,…

Top 10 Best Garmin Watch 2023 Forerunner 265, Fenix 7, Lily,...

If you’re a fitness freak, a die-hard adventurer or someone just seeking the perfect blend of style and technology, then today’s video is right up your alley.

We’re going to be clocking into the world of wristwear, as we’re about to countdown the top 10 best Garmin watches of 2023! Let’s dive into the chronometer chronicles!

Top 10 best Garmin smart watch

Garmin Forerunner 55

Garmin Forerunner 55

At number 10, we’ve got the Garmin Forerunner 55. Don’t let the ‘entry-level’ tag fool you because this watch packs a punch.

It’s perfect for runners at all stages, from beginners to the pros. Features like accurate GPS tracking, heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, recovery stats, and training tools are all at your fingertips.

However, the color memory-in-pixel screen is not as vibrant as other models, but you still get visible stats in almost any lighting condition.

Plus, its affordability is a huge pro. If you’re looking for value-for-money, the Forerunner 55 is your go-to.

Garmin Fenix 7

Garmin Fenix 7

Clocking in at number 9, we have the Garmin Fenix 7. For fitness junkies looking to elevate their game, this watch is a match made in heaven.

Standout features include the real-time stamina tool that shows your energy levels during workouts, helping you make smarter exercise decisions. It boasts super accurate GPS and swift heart rate detection.

However, the blue backlight might make colors look a bit muddy, especially when navigating with the onboard maps and GPS. But that’s a minor trade-off for a watch that pushes you to your limits.

Garmin Forerunner 965

Garmin Forerunner 965

At the 8th spot, we introduce the Garmin Forerunner 965, a real treat for triathletes.

The Forerunner 965 is an upgraded version of the Forerunner 955 and offers some fantastic improvements.

Its AMOLED touchscreen, Multi-Band GPS, full-color maps are all noteworthy features, ensuring maximum visibility and accuracy.

The design is solid with a resolution of 454 x 454 pixels. Although designed for larger wrists, it offers excellent battery life and cutting-edge training features.

The only downfall might be the size, but hey, great things come in big packages, right?

Garmin Venu 2 Plus

Garmin Venu 2 Plus

Number 7 is the Garmin Venu 2 Plus.

Ready to make the leap from Apple to something a tad more sporty? Say hello to the Garmin Venu 2 Plus! This ultimate smartwatch is a fitness enthusiast’s dream packed into a sleek wrist gadget.

It’s more than just a sports watch – it’s your new everyday companion.

It comes with all the fitness tracking bells and whistles you’d expect, with a few extra surprises.

The bright AMOLED display is a treat for the eyes in all lighting conditions, making it easier to read messages and maps compared to other Garmin models.

Plus, that built-in microphone is a game changer – answer calls or use your voice assistant without having to dig out your phone.

Yes, there’s only one case size, and the lack of wireless charging might seem like a step back from Apple.

But hey, with a whopping 14-day battery life, you’ll hardly remember where you put the charger!

For those on a tighter budget, the regular Venu 2 is available sans the mic. It’s clear that the Garmin Venu 2 Plus is a serious contender in the smartwatch game.

Garmin Epix Pro

Garmin Epix Pro

Taking the 6th place, we have the Garmin Epix Pro, an adventurer’s companion.

This high-spec watch has a brilliant AMOLED display, a larger screen, and a battery life that won’t quit.

It comes in three sizes and boasts a heart rate sensor with double the LEDs for superior data accuracy. Plus, it’s got a built-in flashlight.

Its touchscreen is bright and clear, even in direct sunlight, and its five-button design means no accidental pauses during workouts.

Battery life? Expect 16 days in smartwatch mode and 42 hours with GPS. When it comes to health tracking, it mirrors the Fenix 7’s capabilities, even featuring a blood oxygen sensor.

The cherry on top? Two new running features: hill score and endurance score.

These gems measure your uphill strength and endurance capacity, set to be available on all high-end Garmin watches soon.

Garmin Lily

Garmin Lily

At halfway point number 5, we’ve got the Garmin Lily. This watch is the epitome of fashion meeting function.

It offers a host of features catering to female users, including menstrual and pregnancy tracking.

The design is jewelry-like, with options for both Classic and Sport versions. However, serious athletes might find the lack of GPS frustrating.

Despite this, the watch is one of the best cheap options in the market.

Garmin Enduro 2

Garmin Enduro 2

At the 4th position, we have the Garmin Enduro 2. This is an ace multi-sport watch that doesn’t compromise on anything – especially when it comes to long-distance events.

The fusion of top-tier training tools from the Fenix 7 and the unrivaled battery life of the Instinct 2 renders the Enduro 2 a delight to use.

Boasting an impressive solar cell, a huge 1.4-inch screen, a titanium bezel, a sapphire crystal lens, and an inbuilt LED flashlight, it’s got everything you need.

It’s GPS accuracy is exceptional, thanks to Garmin’s SatIQ which automatically switches between satellite tracking modes to conserve battery.

Despite not being as bright as the Epix (Gen 2), the display is luminous and detailed enough to ensure smooth navigation.

However, you might want to question if you need this much power, especially if you’re not an ultra-runner or a backpacking enthusiast.

For those who are, this watch offers weeks of battery life even with regular GPS use.

Garmin Approach S62

Garmin Approach S62

In the third position, we have a watch tailor-made for golf enthusiasts – the Garmin Approach S62.

Engineered with a ceramic bezel that’s scratch-resistant, silicone straps that exude style and ruggedness, this timepiece serves your golfing needs while doubling up as a fashionable accessory.

The watch extends access to data on 41,000 courses worldwide, providing GPS readings on distance and hole hazards, and a shot-tracking function.

The virtual caddie feature makes club recommendations based on the distance to the pin, which seasoned golfers will find extremely useful.

Aided by a 1.3-inch screen, a round design, and three buttons on the right-hand side, the watch ensures easy navigation even while wearing golf gloves.

Boasting a battery life of 14 days, the Garmin Approach S62 stands out as a perfect partner for your golf weekends.

Besides golf, it offers a range of tracking options for various exercises and also doubles as a smartwatch with features like Garmin Pay and customizable smartphone notifications.

Garmin Instinct 2

Garmin Instinct 2

Occupying the second spot is the Garmin Instinct 2, an adventure watch that offers almost infinite battery life – all thanks to solar charging.

With military-grade resilience against extreme conditions, waterproofing up to 100m, and a bright, sun-friendly display, this watch embodies the spirit of adventure.

Available in multiple configurations, including Surf, Tactical, dezl, and Camo editions, the Instinct 2 is versatile and adaptive.

While the solar versions claim to have an infinite battery life in smartwatch mode, non-solar versions promise 30 hours in GPS mode, 28 days in smartwatch mode, and 65 hours in battery saver mode.

Packed with over 40 activity tracking options, features like the Elevate V4 heart rate sensor, VO2 Max readings, a pulse oximeter for SpO2 levels, and Garmin’s Body Battery, it ensures comprehensive health monitoring.

Garmin Forerunner 265

Garmin Forerunner 265

At the apex of the list is the Garmin Forerunner 265, an all-rounder watch that’s especially appealing to runners.

Succeeding the Forerunner 255, the 265 comes with a vibrant AMOLED touchscreen.

With a lot of training tools found in pricier watches but at a more affordable price, the 265 is a steal. Available in two sizes, it ensures a comfortable fit for everyone.

Despite the brighter display, the battery life remains impressive with up to 15 days in smartwatch mode and 24 hours in GPS mode for the 265S model, and slightly lesser for the larger model.

The watch features the Garmin’s Elevate V4 sensor for heart rate and blood oxygen level monitoring, and Garmin’s Training Readiness Score, offering insights into your readiness for intense training sessions based on several factors.


And there you have it, folks! Those were our picks for the Top 10 Garmin watch of 2023. Each one is a marvel of modern technology, tailored to fit a diverse range of lifestyle and sporting needs.

Whether you’re hitting the trails, teeing off on the green, or just going about your daily life, Garmin has a watch designed to help you excel.

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