Top 10 Best Hearing Aids: Jabra Enhance, Lexie, Resound,…

Top 10 Best Hearing Aids: Jabra Enhance, Lexie, Resound,...

Hey there folks, today, Top10gohere‘re gonna turn the volume up a notch and dive into a topic that truly resonates. That’s right! We’re talkin’ about the top 10 best hearing aids of 2023!

Top 10 best hearing aid

As always, we’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to. We’ve combed through countless reviews, compared features and, of course, put them to the ultimate hearing test.

Audien Atom Pro

Audien Atom Pro

Let’s kick things off at number 10 with the Audien Atom Pro, a serious contender in terms of affordability.

At a meager $249 per pair, the Atom Pro makes a remarkable statement, offering advanced features such as enhanced feedback cancellation and advanced sound processing.

This compact, in-the-canal (ITC) hearing aid is designed with a 24-hour rechargeable battery and the ability to charge wirelessly in the case.

The Atom Pro is a budget-friendly choice for those seeking a basic, straightforward hearing aid.

However, note that it lacks some of the more premium features like audiologist support, remote adjustments, and device customization, and it doesn’t offer a smartphone app.

Lucid Hearing Engage

Lucid Hearing Engage

At number 9, we have the Lucid Hearing Engage.

Praised for its superior Over-the-Counter (OTC) sound quality, the Engage features high-definition natural sound, customization via an app, and Bluetooth compatibility for both iOS and Android devices.

The Engage hearing aids also come in a discreet design available in three colors, backed by a one-year warranty.

While it does offer hands-free calling, you’ll need to keep your phone nearby to serve as the microphone.

Lexie B2 Powered by Bose

Lexie B2 Powered by Bose

Our number 8 pick is the Lexie B2 Powered by Bose.

Hailed for its excellent OTC user support, Lexie B2 offers a solid sound quality and user-friendly self-tuning via its app.

Lightweight and nearly invisible, these hearing aids are built with directional microphones to cater to the wearer’s specific needs.

On the flip side, they do not offer music streaming or call functionality and are only available in gray.

Sony CRE-C10Sony CRE-C10


Sony CRE-C10 takes the number 7 spot with its best OTC disposable battery option.

This discreet device provides superior sound quality in quiet and noisy environments, and is ideal for those who prefer traditional battery-powered options and simple functionality.

However, it doesn’t offer Bluetooth compatibility and comes in just one color, black.



Our number 6 pick is Audicus, featuring the most budget-friendly Bluetooth hearing aids.

These devices offer a bevy of advanced features like wireless connectivity to devices like tablets, TVs, and smartphones.

Audicus also offers an online hearing screening and a team of audiologists to cater to your specific hearing needs.

Note, however, that their smallest model, the Mini, does not have Bluetooth capabilities due to its compact size.

Phonak Audéo Lumity

Phonak Audéo Lumity

At number 5, we have the Phonak hearing aid takes the crown as the ultimate universal Bluetooth companion.

It’s the go-to choice for those who love connecting to multiple Bluetooth devices.

You can trust this bad boy to deliver flexible sound quality, whether you want to set it and forget it or fine-tune it to perfection for each setting.

Plus, Phonak is a pro at kicking background noise to the curb, as mentioned by Megan Bilodeau, another expert in the field.

But wait, there’s more! This hearing aid is a game-changer for active folks and outdoor enthusiasts. It’s built tough and can handle the elements with its stellar durability and water resistance rating (IP68).

And hey, you’ve got options: go for the rechargeable version or stick with good ol’ disposable batteries. The choice is yours!

Starkey Evolv AI

Starkey Evolv AI

At number 4, we have the Starkey Evolv AI, which features artificial intelligence (AI) capable of detecting a fall.

With over a quarter of those above 65 experiencing a fall each year according to recent CDC data, fall detection in hearing aids becomes increasingly important.

Studies conducted by Johns Hopkins University in 2012 revealed that those with mild hearing loss were almost triple as likely to have a history of falls.

The Starkey Evolv AI comes equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) that can recognize a fall.

In the event of a detected fall, the companion Starkey app notifies your chosen contacts, be it family members or caregivers. This ensures prompt assistance while also alerting your loved ones.

Remember, falling is not a typical aspect of aging. Utilize resources like NCOA’s Falls Free CheckUp tool to assess your fall risk and discover more tools to ensure safety.

The Evolv AI also offers Bluetooth functionality for streaming entertainment, along with a rechargeable battery that delivers up to 24 hours of use.

The case allows for up to three full charges without needing to plug it in.

However, Starkey mandates an in-person purchase of their hearing aids from a hearing care clinic post a hearing exam and prescription, despite providing an online hearing screening.

This might be inconvenient for those who prefer a wholly online process.

ReSound Omnia

ReSound Omnia

Next up at number 3, the ReSound Omnia shines as the best rechargeable hearing aid.

ReSound Omnia stands out in the rechargeable hearing aids market for its impressive battery life (up to 30 hours) and feature-packed app. The case also offers on-the-go charging.

Although it’s among the pricier options, the advanced tech and comprehensive features, such as tinnitus management and location-based hearing settings, justify the cost.

More affordable rechargeable aids are available from OTC companies like Jabra Enhance and Lexie, but for severe hearing loss or challenging listening environments, the advanced sound processing and support offered by ReSound can be worth the extra investment.

Signia Motion Charge&Go X

Signia Motion Charge&Go X

Our number 2 pick is the Signia Motion Charge&Go X. Dr. Friend says these rechargeable aids have a seriously long-lasting battery, giving you up to 60 hours of juice in one go!

Plus, they’re smart – they’ve got sensor tech that detects when you’re moving, making sure you’re hearing everything around you, no matter where you go.

The cool part? This hearing aid is iPhone-ready and allows wireless streaming from most iOS devices.

But don’t worry Android users, you’re in the loop too! Plus, with the Signia app, you can remotely tweak these Bluetooth-friendly hearing aids to your heart’s content.

Pros? They’ve got Signia Xperience, their new sound engine that promises a high-def audio experience.

You can also reach their remote hearing care pros through the app and there’s a Telecoil option available too.

Cons? They only come in a BTE style and are the largest among the Signia Motion X models.

Jabra Enhance

Jabra Enhance

Last but definitely not least, our top pick, the Jabra Enhance, provides you with complete access to a professional audiology team without the need for office visits, all at a budget-friendly price tag compared to other online aids.

It’s a rarity to find an audiology team ready for consultations at other hearing aid providers.

Before buying, Jabra Enhance lets you have an online hearing screening and a chat with their audiology team.

They’ve got a handy app that syncs with their devices, making adjusting volume or settings a breeze right from your smartphone.

When you go for a pair of Jabra Enhance aids, their audiology team won’t leave you hanging.

They’ll help set up your app and hearing aids, and if you opt for their premium package, you get consultations for up to three years for any tweaks you might need.

Just remember, online hearing screenings aren’t the real deal like the tests done by a pro in a clinic, who can sometimes pinpoint the cause of your hearing loss.


We hope this guide helps you navigate the world of hearing aids and find the perfect fit for your needs. Happy shopping!

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