Best Home Security System 2023: Vivint, ADT, SimpliSafe,…

Best Home Security System 2023 Vivint, ADT, SimpliSafe,...

Hey there, safety enthusiasts!  Looking to beef up your home’s defense game in 2023? You’re in the right spot! Dive into our curated list of this year’s best home security system.

From DIY setups to pro-monitored marvels, Top10Gohere‘ve got the deets on what’s hot and trending!

Top 10 Best Home Security Systems

ADT Command

ADT Command

Coming in at number 10 is the ADT Command.

Now, while it might be the priciest of the lot, it’s certainly got its perks. The reason it stands out? Their unmatched white-glove customer service.

With an expansive lineup of security components and home automation gear, this system is top-notch.

And its mobile and web applications are as smooth as they come. And guess what? If you’re all about Alexa or Google Assistant, ADT’s got your back.

The system isn’t just limited to ADT’s devices; you can incorporate third-party Z-Wave gadgets as well.

Overall, the ADT Command is perfect for those who want a professionally monitored, top-tier home security system paired with unbeatable customer service.

SimpliSafe Home Security System

SimpliSafe Home Security System

Now, number 9, and it’s a favorite for many — SimpliSafe Home Security System.

If contracts aren’t your thing and you’re all about doing it yourself, then SimpliSafe has got you. It’s easy to use, affordable, and incredibly flexible.

It’s perfect for homeowners looking to save a buck or two on installation and monitoring.

And hey, if you ever feel the need for professional monitoring, they’ve got that option available too – no strings attached.

Ring Alarm Pro

Ring Alarm Pro

Making its grand entry at number 8 is the Ring Alarm Pro.

This isn’t just a home security system, folks. It’s also a Wi-Fi 6 mesh router! So, if you’ve been thinking about ramping up your home’s Wi-Fi game, Ring Alarm Pro serves a dual purpose.

It boasts a simple setup, affordable monitoring, and promises Wi-Fi 6 connectivity throughout your living space.

And for those unexpected power outages? It’s got an auxiliary battery and a cellular radio to keep you connected. Talk about multitasking!

Wyze Home Monitoring

Wyze Home Monitoring

Number 7 brings us to Wyze Home Monitoring.

Wanna hear something wild? This bad boy is hands-down the cheapest DIY security game in town. Heck, grab their one-year pro monitoring deal and they’ll toss in the hardware for free! Now, that’s a steal!

Customize it your way with nifty gadgets like motion sensors, cameras, and even climate sensors. Don’t stress about the setup; it’s a breeze!

And guess what? It pairs up perfectly with all the other cool Wyze stuff you’ve got – think doorbells, smart plugs, and those fancy locks.

If you’re watching those pennies, this is your dream system – top-notch protection without breaking the bank! Plus, whether you’re a solo watcher or into pro monitoring, Wyze has your back.

Abode Iota All-In-One Security Kit

Abode Iota All-In-One Security Kit

At number 6, meet the Abode iota All-In-One Security Kit. This isn’t just a catchy name; it’s a robust package.

This little genius is rocking a base station, and guess what’s in it? A camera AND a motion sensor. But that’s not all. With Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, and Zigbee, you can slap on a ton of extra gadgets – we’re talking door locks, sirens, lights, and more!

Plus, it’s tight with Apple HomeKit, Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT. Translation: it’s basically the Swiss Army knife of home security systems.

So, if you’re thinking of leveling up your home’s tech game, Abode iota is your golden ticket. It’s a breeze to set up, stretches however you want, and chills with pretty much every smart platform out there. Let’s get geeky!

ADT Self Setup Home Security

ADT Self Setup Home Security

Hey Nest lovers, have I got a treat for you at number 5!

Meet the ADT Self Setup Home Security. This bad boy is like if ADT’s 24/7 watchful eyes had a love affair with Google’s Nest goodies – cameras, thermostats, smart hubs… the whole shebang!

Wanna beef it up? Add some door/window and motion sensors to keep tabs on every nook and cranny.

Now, heads up: to unlock all the cool stuff on the ADT+ app, you gotta hop on their monthly plan. But trust me, with a setup this smooth, killer voice controls, and Z-Wave support, it’s a no-brainer.

Already living that Nest life or planning to dive in? Then give ADT Self Setup a peek. Let ADT handle the monitoring or be the boss and DIY. Flexibility? Oh, it’s got tons!

Arlo Home Security System

Arlo Home Security System

Coming in at number 4 is the Arlo Home Security System.

Now, what’s the buzz? It’s BFFs with Arlo’s entire lineup of smarty-pants devices, and it doesn’t mind third-wheeling with other third-party gadgets via IFTTT. So, wanna play watchdog? Go DIY style.

Or, if you’re feeling fancy, go for the 24/7 pro-monitoring. Bonus: Unlock a treasure chest of emergency options and fam-safe features on the Arlo Safe app.

And the sensors? Oh boy! They’re like those all-in-one Swiss knives – spotting motion, crying over water leaks, sensing the mood lighting and more.

My only teeny gripe? I kinda wish it had battery backup and cellular skills straight outta the box, but hey, you can add those on.

So, if you’re a die-hard Arlo fan or just eyeing some of their gear, this is THE system to snag. Plus, if your home’s like a drama queen with all sorts of weather tantrums, those sensors will totally get you.

Blue by ADT Home Security System

Blue by ADT Home Security System

Here’s a real gem at number 3 – the Blue by ADT Home Security System. No, it’s not the fancy Command system, but it’s still got that ADT magic. Plus, it won’t drain your wallet!

This baby hooks up with all sorts of ADT cameras – indoor, outdoor, and even those doorbell ones. And guess what? You won’t need to break the bank for components or professional monitoring.

It’s all about that Z-Wave action, IFTTT applets, and a rad partnership with Alexa and Google Assistant. Yep, you heard right, it’s your ticket to third-party device paradise.

Already rocking Blue by ADT cameras? This DIY system is like the missing puzzle piece. It’s newbie-friendly for installation and expands like a boss.

Oh, and did I mention? You can choose to keep watch solo or let the pros take the wheel. So, if you’re ready to flex your DIY muscles, this one’s calling your name!

Ring Alarm Security Kit

Ring Alarm Security Kit

Now, getting closer to the top! At number 2, we have the Ring Alarm Security Kit- it’s like a DIY security ninja with a heart of gold.

Five pieces, crazy affordable, and it’s expandable, too. And if you’re into that pro monitoring vibe, this system’s got your back without emptying your wallet.

Now, it’s not just good for Ring’s own gang – video doorbells, indoor and outdoor cams, lights, you name it. And guess what? It’s buddy-buddy with lots of third-party Z-Wave and Zigbee smart stuff.

You want door locks that groove with your system? Done. Smoke alarms that sync? Yep, got that too! We put this system through its paces, and trust me, it aced the test. And when it comes to setting it up, even grandma could do it!

Already hooked on Ring’s gear? Then this security kit is your jam. Whether you’re a DIY detective or want that sweet pro monitoring, it’s your call. So, ring up your security game with this epic kit!

Vivint Smart Home

Vivint Smart Home

And finally, the cream of the crop, number 1 is Vivint Smart Home.

It’s like a full-blown security party with 24/7 monitoring and total mastery over your door locks, cameras, thermostats, and even your lights!

And guess what? It’s not just your house it’s got covered; it’s even got an eye on your cars when they’re out and about. Talk about the VIP treatment!

Sure, it might be a tad spendy, but trust me, the speedy emergency response times and the effortless control through a colorful 7-inch touch-screen panel, mobile app, or the all-mighty Alexa and Google Assistant are worth every penny.

This is a dream come true for those who crave top-tier protection minus the hassle. No more stressing over installation – a pro takes care of that!

And the cherry on top? Stellar telephone and in-home support. So, if you’re ready to make security smarter, this is the one. Top-tier peace of mind? Check!


And there you have it! The top 10 home security systems of 2023. Remember, your home’s safety is paramount. So, make your choice wisely! Until next time, stay safe and secure!

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