Best Mini Fridge 2023: RCA, Cooluli, SMEG,…

Guess what we’re breaking the ice with today? Yup, it’s all about those nifty, space-saving wonders Top10Gohere can’t get enough of – mini fridges!

We’re taking you on a frosty journey through the absolute best mini fridge out there. So, let’s dive into this icy adventure and find out which of these compact chillers will be your new favorite sidekick!

Top 10 best mini fridges

We’re counting down from number 10 to the grand winner at number 1, giving you all the juicy details you need to make the coolest choice.

Now, let’s get started!

Magic Chef 1.7 cubic

Magic Chef 1.7 cubic

At number 10, we’re kicking off with the best budget-friendly pick, the Magic Chef 1.7 cubic-foot model.

This compact fridge is a true magician when it comes to space optimization, fitting several containers and drink cans even in the tiny space of your dorm room, bedroom, or office.

However, be aware that there are no adjustable shelves or freezer in this model, and the style might be more functional than fashionable.

Despite its limitations, this budget champ is a reliable choice for basic chilling needs without breaking the bank.

Cooluli Mini Fridge Electric Cooler and Warmer

Cooluli Mini Fridge

Our number 9 is the Cooluli Mini Fridge Electric Cooler and Warmer. This petite cooler is a perfect road-tripper’s companion.

Whether you’re hooked up to your car’s DC adapter or a trusty USB port, you’re all set. And don’t worry about indoor pit stops, it’s got an AC cord for that.

Easy to carry? You betcha! It’s got a built-in handle on top for your grab-and-go convenience. And, guess what? It’s not just for chilling. This tiny wonder can keep things toasty too!

Just a heads-up, though. The chill-factor on this model only goes down to 40˚F.

So while it’s great for keeping your soda pop cool, it might not be the best for preserving perishables that need to be a bit chillier (the sweet spot for those is between 35 to 38˚F).

Frigidaire 1.6 Cubic-Foot Dorm Fridge

Frigidaire 1.6 Cubic

Coming in hot at number 8, the best choice for dorm rooms, is the Frigidaire 1.6 Cubic-Foot Dorm Fridge.

This little cooling gem boasts an inbuilt bottle opener and has shelving built for all your snacking needs.

But remember, while it has a small freezer compartment, it’s only good for making a tray of ice cubes or keeping a frozen dinner icy for a day or two.

Plus, it’s EnergyStar rated, coming in fun colors like blue, red, coral, moonbeam, and black.

Vremi Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler

Vremi Beverage

Number 7 is our pick for those who need something bigger but still compact, the Vremi Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler.

When size matters, this 3.6-cubic-foot monster has got your back. You’re hosting a party, and need space for 130 cans? No problemo, Vremi’s got you!

One of the coolest features (pun totally intended) is the digital thermostat. It gives you the power to control the internal temp from a chill 32 degrees up to a still cool 61 degrees.

You’ve got wine or other fancy stuff that needs a Goldilocks “just right” temp? This fridge is your mini sommelier.

Worried about power outages? Relax! It’s got a memory function, so it’ll boot right back up to your set temp when the power’s back.

And let’s not forget the customizable shelf setup and handy-dandy LED light for those midnight snack raids.

But hey, every superhero has a weakness. This one? No freezer. So keep those ice cream dreams on hold, my friend.

Midea WHS-65LB1 Compact Refrigerator

Midea WHS-65LB1

At number 6, the Midea WHS-65LB1 Compact Refrigerator wins the award for the best small mini fridge.

It’s a pint-sized powerhouse that’ll fit snugly under your desk or on a shelf. It packs 1.6 cubic feet of chillin’ capacity into a compact, cube shape.

Cool feature alert: it’s got reversible door hinges, meaning it’s a breeze to set the door swing to either the left or the right.

Despite its petite frame, it’s got a nifty little freezer section, perfect for stocking a few ice cubes for that cold drink on a hot day.

The temperature? Oh, you can adjust it with a manual dial.

Though you can’t dial in a precise degree, it operates between a cool 32 and a still-pretty-cool 35.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Perfect for any perishable nibbles you want to keep fresh.

Though it has a single, removable shelf, it still maximizes the use of space. And hey, you’ve got a color choice here – classic black, clean white, or sleek stainless steel.

That’s pretty neat for a small fridge, eh?

Kuppet Wine Cooler/Fridge

Kuppet Wine CoolerFridge

Moving on to number 5, we have a special treat for wine lovers!

Imagine having your best bottles of wine and champagne right there, chilled to perfection with a 19-bottle capacity.

You’re thinking, will it be noisy? Nah! It’s whisper-quiet at 35dB. We’re talking quieter than a hushed chat or a library at study time.

And it maintains your bottles between 41–64 degrees with a steady humidity. Pretty slick, huh?

Now, let’s gab about its looks – this is one good-looking mini fridge.

Sporting a sleek design with adjustable metal shelves, a subtle interior light to showcase your collection, and an ever-so-handy LED display on the front that serves up the inside temp.

Nestle this little beauty under your kitchen counter for quick access to your personal mini wine cellar. A toast to that!

hOmeLabs Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler

hOmeLabs Beverage

Our number 4 is an ultimate drinks superstar – the hOmeLabs Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler. Out of all our mini fridge contenders, this one takes the crown for being a drinks dynamo.

Got a boatload of cans? No problemo, it can stash up to 120 of them! Plus, the adjustable shelves are more than willing to accommodate tall cans or bottles. The coolest thing about it?

The see-through glass door! Now, you can keep tabs on your stash without popping the door open every time – bonus: it’s also a swanky way to flaunt your drink variety to pals!

This mini drinks station is decked out with a bunch of snazzy features like a crisp white LED interior light, user-friendly temperature controls, and a nifty auto-defrost function.

One of our in-house folks put this model in their basement and it’s been crushing it!

Just a quick note though, some Amazon reviewers mentioned that items placed right up against the back wall got a wee bit frosty, so be mindful of that when you’re packing it in.

Finishing Touch Flawless Mini Beauty Fridge

Finishing Touch Flawless Mini

The podium spot at number 3 is snagged by Finishing Touch Flawless Mini Beauty Fridge, a petite and cute mini fridge perfect for keeping your beauty products fresh and effective.

It’s compact enough to sit on your vanity or bathroom counter, and the internal shelf can be removed for larger items.

Smeg Mini Refrigerator

Smeg Mini Refrigerator

Number 2 on our list is the Smeg Mini Refrigerator, for those who appreciate a blend of vintage aesthetics and modern functionality.

It’s a stylish, energy-efficient option with adjustable glass shelves, an adjustable thermostat, and LED lighting. The design is sure to spruce up any space, but be prepared for a heftier price tag.

RCA Compact Refrigerator

RCA Compact Refrigerator

And now, drumroll please… coming in at number one for the best mini fridge overall, it’s the RCA Compact Refrigerator!

This good ol’ 3.2-cubic foot classic can chill your drinks, keep your veggies fresh, and even freeze those ice cubes for your Friday night cocktails, all in a tidy, compact package.

You won’t believe the storage options in this baby! It’s got moveable shelves, generous door bins, and even a soda rack.

Plus, with its adjustable thermostat, you’re in full control of the cool-factor, while also keeping those energy bills in check.

But here’s the real kicker: its modern, sleek design. With an invisible door handle that lends a clean, crisp look, this little fridge is turning heads and raising the style bar for mini fridges everywhere.

Who knew a fridge could be so good looking and affordable at the same time!


And there you have it! Our top 10 mini fridges of 2023, each one cooler than the next! Until next time, keep it cool!

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