Top 10 Best Running Shoes 2023: Nike, Hoka, Brooks,…

Top 10 Best Running Shoes 2023 Nike, Hoka, Brooks,...

Hey there, fellow shoe enthusiasts and runners! In today’s post, we’re going to breeze through the top-rated best running shoes of 2023′! Top10gohere‘ve done the research, analyzed the features, assessed the comfort, durability, and style.

We’ve even put them to the test on the roads, tracks, and trails. Whether you’re an experienced marathoner or just starting your jogging journey, we’ve got you covered.

Top 10 best trail running shoes

Saucony Ride 16

Saucony Ride 16

Starting off at number 10, let’s talk about the “Saucony Ride 16”. This is your ultimate jack-of-all-trades running shoe that suits both novices and experienced pavement pounders.

What sets this shoe apart is its blend of neutral support and balanced PWRRUN cushioning, making it super comfy yet responsive.

You’ll find this trainer is both durable enough for those never-ending runs and light enough for your speed work.

Plus, the high side walls give you that much-needed support, making transitions as smooth as butter. With the Ride 16, every day is a good day for a run, and guess what?

It comes in wide sizes too. Its no-frills fit and comfy feel makes it the perfect companion for your daily training or your first-ever 5K race!

Mizuno Wave Rider 27

Mizuno Wave Rider 27

Moving up to number 9, we have the “Mizuno Wave Rider 27”.

Now, this shoe screams comfort and consistency. The shoe’s Enerzy foam is lively, balancing cushioning and responsiveness, making transitions between speed work and recovery runs a breeze.

That iconic Wave Plate absorbs and disperses impact, ensuring durability.

The Wave Rider 27 is available in wide sizes, making it a fantastic pick for anyone who wants an energetic, balanced ride on their daily runs and road races.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 40

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 40

At number 8, we’re looking at the “Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 40”.

This is a running shoe that’s made for the elite and the casual runner alike.

Nike’s React foam offers a smooth, responsive ride and the Zoom Air units at the forefoot and heel add an extra spring in your step.

These shoes are built to handle high mileage or even cross-training and strength sessions. Pegasus 40 guarantees style and performance with its sleek silhouette and vibrant colorways.

Brooks Ghost 15

Brooks Ghost 15

The number 7 spot belongs to the “Brooks Ghost 15”.

A renowned model in the running world, the Ghost 15 carries forward its legacy with its DNA Loft v2 foam offering a smooth, soft ride.

It’s an amazing daily trainer, with a lightweight yet durable mesh upper and 3D fit print securing your foot comfortably.

This shoe transitions well from long runs to recovery days to faster workouts.

HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 9

HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 9

Number 6 brings us to the “HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 9”.

This is a godsend for those wanting plush cushioning, shock absorption, and roominess.

Its stack of EVA foam delivers comfort, but don’t be fooled by its bulkiness – it’s surprisingly light and energetic.

The shoe is designed with a spacious toe box and a flared heel collar that prevents any rubbing, making it an absolute delight on your feet.

Adidas Adistar

Adidas Adistar

Halfway through our list at number 5, we introduce the “Adidas Adistar”.

This shoe caught our attention with its well-designed rocker, which constantly propels you forward, especially during those long, draining training sessions.

It may not be the lightest shoe, but its dual-density foam stands strong against substantial mileage.

It also has an integrated cage system and an upper made of recycled materials, making it snug, comfortable, and sustainable.

Hoka One One Bondi X

Hoka One One Bondi X

Next, at number 4, got your eyes on long-distance running?

Then you’ll definitely want to check out the Hoka One One Bondi X.

This shoe sports Hoka’s iconic chunky look, but packs a punch with a zippy feel, courtesy of a built-in carbon plate – a new addition to the Bondi lineup.

Along with a full-on molded EVA sole, you’re in for a spring-loaded, quick-reacting journey.

It’s cushier, broader, and more easy-going than the Carbon X 2, making it ideal for adding those extra miles to your training sessions rather than smashing race day records.

In our try-outs, we found it super handy post the 10-mile mark, that crucial point when our running form sometimes starts to dip.

Its bold aesthetics are bound to polarize opinions. The loud colors and the substantial heel section are pretty hard to ignore.

But if you’re cool with its fashion statement, you’re all set for some seriously pleasurable pavement pounding for a couple of hours.

New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 v12

New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 v12

Taking the bronze at number 3, looking for a do-it-all kind of running shoe?

Say hello to the New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 v12. From casual joggers to marathon runners, and from quick sprints to long, slow jogs, this shoe fits the bill beautifully.

This dynamo has Fresh Foam that’s as soft as a pillow and offers neutral support for each step.

It’s like having a personal shock absorber for those harsh pavement runs, delivering a springy feel that will put a pep in your step.

Plus, the 1080 v12 feels as light as a feather—ideal for your daily training sessions. Let’s face it, nobody’s a fan of heavy, clunky shoes.

The knit upper is designed to fit your foot like a second skin, with stretchy sections that hug your foot just right.

The folks at New Balance have given the heel a do-over since the last model, adding a classic, padded heel counter for a snugger fit.

The front of the shoe has plenty of room for your toes to do their thing naturally, and you can also get the 1080 v12 in wide and extra-wide sizes if you need ’em.

Why’s this the best shoe for you? Well, whether you’re planning to clock up serious mileage or are just getting started, the 1080 v12 is super comfy.

You’ll love its lightweight, soft feel and the way it lets you level up your training and finish with a bang.

The stretchy upper ensures your foot stays squish-free and comfy, even as you rack up the miles.

Asics Gel-Nimbus 25

Asics Gel-Nimbus 25

Our runner-up at number 2 is the “Asics Gel-Nimbus 25”.

If you’re hunting for comfy shoes that will carry you smoothly over long distances, look no further than the Asics Gel-Nimbus 25.

Trust us, this line from Asics is chock-full of stellar running shoes, but the Gel-Nimbus 25 steals the show, especially for neutral-footed folks.

Our review of the Asics Gel-Nimbus 25 gave a big thumbs-up for comfort. The secret sauce? An ultra-cushioned design that feels like a dream when you slip ’em on.

Add in Asics’ own PureGel technology, designed to eat up impact, and you’ve got yourself a buttery smooth ride.

Now, they might not be the champs of stability, breathability, or lightning-fast runs—that’s where the Gel-Nimbus 24 pulls ahead.

But if you’re a slow-and-steady type who’s all about that road and pavement running, and you crave comfort over everything else, these Asics are just the ticket.

And now, drum roll, please!

Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next% 2

Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next% 2

Are you ready to race? Look no further than the super-speedy Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next% 2. Talk about a fast-forward button for your feet!

This running shoe is all about that energy bounce-back – seriously, it’s like nothing we’ve felt before.

Made for swift strides, this shoe seriously impressed us with its peppy spring thanks to a full-length carbon footplate and a whole 40mm of ZoomX foam – no mushy feeling here, folks!

With a barely-there, breathable mesh upper and just enough padding for comfort, these shoes keep the weight low and your foot snug. You’re in for a super secure and connected run.

If you’re eyeing a new PR on race day or want to crush it on the track, the Vaporfly Next% 2 has your back.

Just remember, for your everyday training, you might want to pair these speedsters with a more budget-friendly option from our list.


And that concludes our rundown of the Top 10 Best Running Shoes of 2023. Whether you’re a seasoned marathoner, a 5K first-timer, or a weekend warrior, we hope our list has something for you.

If you found this roundup helpful,  share it with your running buddies. Till next time, happy running!

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