Best Spray Mop 2023: Swiffer, Shark, Rejuvenate,…

Best Spray Mops 2023 Swiffer, Shark, Rejuvenate,...

Welcome back to Top 10 Go Here! Today, we’re bringing you a deep dive into the best spray mops of 2023.

We’re ranking them from top 10 to the absolute best, breaking down their notable features, weighing their pros and cons, and sharing our hands-on experiences.

Top 10 best spray mops

True & Tidy Multi-Surface Spray Mop

True & Tidy Multi-Surface Spray Mop

Starting at number 10, we have the True & Tidy Multi-Surface Spray Mop.

This is a budget-friendly gem that delivers solid performance despite its lack of fancy features. Its straightforward usability and efficiency earned it our ‘Best Value’ title.

You get to choose the cleaning agent, thanks to the refillable water bottle.

We’re fond of the eco-friendly reusable mop pad, even though washing it can be a bit time-consuming. Its lightweight design makes it easy to move around, and the swiveling mop head helps reach tricky corners.

Its effectiveness varies across different floors – it struggles a bit with grout, but it’s a champ when it comes to other surfaces.

You may have to get your hands dirty when changing the mop head, but it’s a small price to pay for its overall performance and affordability.

Swiffer WetJet Wood Floor Mopping and Cleaning Starter Kit

Swiffer WetJet Wood Floor Mopping and Cleaning Starter Kit

Coming in at number 9, we have the Swiffer WetJet Wood Floor Mopping and Cleaning Starter Kit, our ‘Best Starter Kit’ pick.

It’s an easy-to-use option, ideal for beginners. The kit includes the spray mop, disposable cleaning pads, a cleaning solution bottle, and batteries.

It’s lightweight, and despite being designed for wood floors, it handles other floor types reasonably well.

However, expect to put in some elbow grease for bigger spaces and deep cleans. And, if you’re planning to use it on multiple floor types, it may struggle with cleaning grout.

OXO Good Grips Microfiber Spray Mop

OXO Good Grips Microfiber Spray Mop

Our number 8 pick is the OXO Good Grips Microfiber Spray Mop, perfect for ‘Smaller Jobs’.

It comes with a unique detachable scrubber head, which adds versatility to your cleaning routine. We love the sturdy stainless-steel pole that makes maneuvering a breeze. Its washable microfiber mop head attracts dirt and dust effectively.

The price tag might be slightly steep for its features, but if you often deal with stubborn spots, this multi-functional mop is worth it.

Bona Hardwood Floor Premium Spray Mop

Bona Hardwood Floor Premium Spray Mop

At number 7, we have the Bona Hardwood Floor Premium Spray Mop, a hero for ‘Hardwood Floors’.

This mop is designed specifically for unwaxed or polyurethane-finished hardwood floors, and it certainly performs. It features two types of microfiber materials, an extra-large surface, and a machine-washable mop pad.

It does leave a bit of residue behind, but overall, it’s a great option for those with hardwood floors.

O-Cedar ProMist MAX Microfiber Spray Mop

O-Cedar ProMist MAX Microfiber Spray Mop

In the 6th place, we have the O-Cedar ProMist MAX Microfiber Spray Mop.

This mop stands out with its double-sided mop head, allowing you to flip it over for extended use. It maneuvers smoothly and absorbs water-based messes efficiently. But be prepared to get your hands dirty when swapping the dirty pads.

Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop

Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop Floor Cleaning Kit

Number 5 is the Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop, the ‘Best with Washable Pads’.

This mop offers straightforward usage and effective stain lifting. It comes with reusable microfiber pads that wash well and can last for up to 100 washes.

It works on all hard flooring types, though it may struggle with the crevices in wood grain.

Rejuvenate Click n Clean Multi-Surface Microfiber Spray Mop

Rejuvenate Click n Clean Multi-Surface Microfiber Spray Mop

At number 4, we have the Rejuvenate Click n Clean Multi-Surface Microfiber Spray Mop, our ‘Best Compact’ pick.

It comes with various cleaning accessories for a tailored cleaning experience. Despite its variety, it remains lightweight and easy to use.

However, you might find the replacement instructions lacking and be limited by the intended use of Rejuvenate brand cleaners.

Panda Grip Microfiber Spray Mop

Panda Grip Microfiber Spray Mop

Moving to the top 3, we have the Panda Grip Microfiber Spray Mop, which shines as the ‘Best for Tile Floors’.

This Spray Mop comes with an extra tool – a handy little scraper. Its prime job is to deal with mop head lint and too-damp mop pads, but we found it did a bang-up job on grout lines too.

We got a kick out of seeing how just a few passes with water gave our floor a spick-and-span look – well, almost. A stubborn butter stain did need some floor cleaner, but no biggie.

This mop is a joy to use too. It’s light as a feather, the head swivels like a charm, and the liquid reservoir is perfectly positioned low on the handle, keeping the balance just right.

There’s barely anything we’d tweak about this mop. Sure, you have to get hands-on to take off the mop pad for washing (as opposed to just chucking it in the bin), but that’s a small annoyance.

And the handle shape could be comfier, but hey, that’s subjective. Bottom line, it’s a smart, user-friendly spray mop and the bonus scraper tool makes it a standout choice.

Shark VM252 Vacmop Pro

Shark VM252 Vacmop Pro Cordless WetDry Stick Vacuum

Our runner-up is the Shark VM252 Vacmop Pro, the ‘Best Powered’ mop.

We fell hard for its built-in vacuum feature that sucked up all the debris. Plus, it’s a featherweight, a snap to put together, and a no-brainer to use.

The spray button is smack on the handle, making it easy to spritz the cleaning solution that comes with it onto your floor.

Once your floors are sparkling, chucking the disposable cleaning pad into the bin is a hands-free job.

One cool thing about this mop is the magnetic charger for its rechargeable battery. And let’s not forget the LED lights in the head to spot those sneaky dirt patches hiding in the shadows. With its swivel-steering, you get top-notch control.

There’s even a petite light on the mop that lets you know when it’s running low on juice. And because all the debris gets trapped in the pad, there’s no dust bin to empty or filter to clean.

Keep in mind, though, all these fancy features do bump up the price. You’ll also have to shell out for more cleaning solution and pads. But hey, it handles multiple tasks in one go, so we reckon it’s worth every penny.

Swiffer PowerMop

Swiffer PowerMop

And finally, at number 1, we have Swiffer PowerMop.

In the cleaning gadgets scene, the Swiffer WetJet has been a household name for ages, but it’s Swiffer’s latest release, the PowerMop, that left us super stoked after giving it a spin.

Our testers even confessed they’d happily shop for this mop – a reaction that’s pretty rare post-testing.

The PowerMop sports a newly designed mop head equipped with ‘scrubbing strips’ as Swiffer calls them. Our experiments proved them to be ultra-efficient at banishing dirt and grime. It was as if the mop magically sucked the mess off the floor.

A couple of solution sprays and mop swipes were all it took to transform our floor into a spotless, glossy surface. Trust us, these scrubbing strips are true game-changers, leaving both the older WetJet and many competitors in the dust.

As for user-friendliness, the PowerMop is a featherweight and a breeze to operate. Assembly, mop pad swapping – it’s all super quick and easy-peasy.

Plus, the mop head can pull off a full 360-degree swivel and is 30% larger than its predecessor.

If we absolutely had to nitpick, we’d say it would be great to have a reusable mop head to cut down on waste. But that’s a tiny blemish on an otherwise stellar cleaning wiz.


Alright folks, that’s a wrap! Thank you so much for joining us today. And remember, a clean home is a happy home! Until next time, stay safe and keep those floors shining. Over and out!

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